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my hobby (oral examination) Icha n Qyra
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 @ 04:16 | 0 Comment [s]

Qyra-Hi,how are you?
Icha-I am fine,How about you?
Qyra-I am fine,How about your parents,Are they ok?
Icha-Yes they are ok.How about yours?
Qyra-They are ok too..
Icha-Qyra,Can i ask you something?
Icha-What is your hobby?
Qyra-I love reading.How about you?
Icha-My hobby is playing badminton.
Qyra-Who is your idol?
Icha-My idol is Lin Dan.How many novel do you owa?
Qyra-It have 26 novels.
Icha- What do you editor "KERANA  TERPAKSA"?
Qyra-The editor is Sufean Hussin.
Icha-Thanks,See you then,Send my regard to father and mother.
Qyra-Ok.Tc and good  bye icha
Icha-Good bye.

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